Infinity Group Performance Attracts Awards

Founded in the year 2013, Infinity Group Australia has cemented itself as a leading champion of customer commitment. Under the leadership of Graeme Holm, it has grown to trajectory heights, in debt reduction and financial management consultancy. It has helped many people in Australia to secure their finances, reduce their debt and to improve personal fiances.
Graeme Holm has a wealth of experience in debt management and financial management. His passion for helping poor families emanated from the experience he had in working for various financial institutions where he realized that they get raw deals. After realising the suffering low-income families were experiencing, he came up with economic friendly programs under the Infinity Group Australia.

Infinity Group Australia has been awarded in several occasions by Australia Financial Review. It has appeared in the list of the most innovative 100 companies in for five consecutive years since its inception in 2013. In recent AFR 2008 award, infinity Group Australia was ranked number 58 most innovative regarding creative business models, growth spun and technological innovations. Infinity group Australia professional, honest and committed approach to financial solutions has won the confidence of clients hence fantastic growth trends. Many Infinity group clients come from referrals who are happy about the products. Whenever a customer is satisfied they can review the company positively. If you are looking for financial solutions you can trust, the Infinity Group Australia reviews will be of great help.It is important , to get an objective view of the company from people who have had an experience with the company.
The founder Graeme Holm who has been involved in every growth aspect of infinity group is as well recognised personality as MPA 100 Top Broker. He is responsible for overseeing all activities of the company are done in line with policy guidelines to the extent that clients receive personalised advice about personalised financial solutions. In this aspect, the company has helped many in reviewing spending habits after examining details of needs and household expenses.

As responsible brokerage company, Infinity Group Australia does not only induce clients to take loans but also, gives them the necessary advice to pay off debts as soon as possible. It has helped clients who were debt-stressed to achieve debt paying record of 100 per cent in amazing timelines. This is the reason why it has always attracted Australia Financial Review awards because it is growing every day. Learn more:

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