Rick Shinto – A great leader in Healthcare

Rick Shinto started his career in the medical field when he graduated from State University of New York. He also graduated from Redlands University with a MBA degree. Rick was the president and CEO at Aveta Inc, he also worked for Medical Pathways as the Chief Operations Officer, and then became the Vice President of Medical for MedPartners, he also worked at Cal Optima Health Plan as the Chief Medical Officer, and then Chief Executive Officer at NAMM which stands for North American Medical Management.


Rick Shinto is now the CEO and President at InnovaCare Health. Healthcare is very important to all of us and it is important for us to find the best healthcare providers to support our needs. At InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto is making a difference by supporting the needs of citizens.


InnovaCare Health help citizens achieve their goals, as well as managing services to people in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare Health provides good quality services and it is affordable for all. Although the company has not been around a long time, they have improved on their performances in a short period of time.


Some of the improvements includes a new technological system. Customers can access their healthcare services must faster through the new technological system. InnovaCare Health can also provide services to more customers through the new technological system.


A few years ago, InnovaCare Health had less than 50,000 health care members, now they have over 250,000 health care members. All of these changes that helped improved services was because of a good healthcare team and the leadership that Rick Shinto provides. Rich Shinto has helped shaped InnovaCare Health into what it is today by the growth of the healthcare services.


Rick Shinto is also the author of several journals where he speaks about the solutions and gives suggestions for improvement in the healthcare industry. Rick Shinto is also a Pulmonary doctor, dealing with the lungs, as well as a medical doctor in California. Rick Shinto has also received the ‘Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award which was for the top 25 healthcare executives.


Madison Street Capital Is Your Merger And Acquisition Advisor

Madison Street Capital played a great role in the merger between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. Being a global investment banking company, MSC acted as a one of a kind financial advisor to DCG Software Value in its endeavors.




DCG Software Value is a reputed company that offers function point analysis, software value management and software estimation services. DCG software has headquarters in Malvern, PA as well as corporate offices in United Kingdom. The Spitfire Group is an entrepreneurial spirited technology consulting company located in Denver. Spitfire Group uses topnotch technologies to offer solutions to challenging business undertakings.




Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital announced the merger between the two companies. Jay Rodgers, the managing director of MSC oversaw the success of the merger and acquisition between the two giant companies. Mike Harris, the CEO of DCG Software was also present as well as Mark Richtermeyer, the CEO of Spitfire Group.




Madison Street Capital led by Jay Rodgers provided the two companies in the merger with profound financial analysis and knowledge. Both Mike Harris and mark Richtermeyer thanked the MSC team for its endeavors in enlightening clients and helping them grow their software value.




About Madison Street Capital-What to Know




Madison Street Capital (MSC), LLC, was founded by Charles Botchway. MSC is a widely recognized investment banking company that offers corporate financial advisory services. It also offers mergers and acquisitions knowledge, financial opinions and valuation not only to public held but also privately owned ventures. Integrity, leadership, excellence and quality services delivery are core facets that drive MSC on the global platform. Madison Street Capital operates in Africa, Asia and Northern parts of America. The company has also adopted an incomparable global insight that focuses on creating equal and better local business networks and relationships. Madison Street Capital, LLC, has a team of experts who work hard to make sure clients are satisfied. MSC staff in-charge of overseeing the success of company in its endeavors will analyze each client’s requirements and get the best match between the willing buyers and sellers.




They will go on and arrange suitable financing solutions as well as create capitalization frameworks that will improve client’s potential in his or her business endeavors. MSC expertise is classified into corporate advisory where clients can enjoy mergers and acquisitions (M&A), bankruptcy services, capital restructuring, private placements and buy out advisory. On the business valuation category, clients can enjoy company valuation and tax compliance services. For those looking for financial opinions, clients can enjoy solvency and capital adequacy as well as independent 3rd party fairness opinion.


Visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/about-madison-street-capital.html to learn more.