Alexandre Gama: Brazil’s Advertising And Creative Professional

Born and raised in Brazil, Alexandre Gama has become one the country’s most successful entrepreneurs within the industry of advertising. In 1999, Gama launched his very own advertising agency, which is called Neogama. In addition to being the company’s founder, Alexandre Gama also holds the reigns as the the business’s CEO and CCO.
Although there were many successful advertising agencies in Brazil at the time, Neogama managed to become the fastest growing one throughout the first few years that it was operating.
When, in 2002, Alexandre Gama made the bold decision to merge Neogama with the British agemcy, BBH, things only got bigger. The newspaper, Meio e Mensagem, chose the new Neogama/BBH agency as the “Agency of the Year” for the year of 2002.

Roberto Santiago and One of the Most Innovative Malls

Roberto Santiago has provided a mall for people to do almost anything and make memories. One of the best things about Manaira Shopping is that the stores and the food courts are good about providing people with all of their needs. Another thing is that this is a good place to show to friends. People who want to help people enhance their fashion sense will show them this mall and all of the stores that are going to bring them some of the best items for their sense of fashion.


One of the best aspects of a mall is what one can take home from it. There are a lot of stores where people can buy products or even get souvenirs. One thing that Manaira Shopping also happens to have is a bunch of activities that can make the time a person has a lot more memorable. While they may have some of the most enjoyable new clothes they can find, they can also discover some new activities that could be great for meeting people over. These activities can also help people use their creativity when it comes to planning their next event that they are going to have with their friends and family.


Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping provides people more than a place that they can shop at. The mall provides them an escape. This type of escape allows them the option of bringing something back with them that they can remember from the mall. It can be anything from a rare piece of electronics, or a unique item from a clothing store that is only available at Manaira Shopping.


One thing that Manaira Shopping is known for is its expert marketing methods. The team behind the mall know how to keep events going so that people will constantly have a reason to shop at that mall. There is always some kind of concert event that is bringing people out to the mall. Also, the premium movie theaters make it worthwhile to visit the mall for people who just want to have a fun day which can include shopping.