Host Wine Tastings for a Living: What It’s Like Working with The Traveling Vineyard

Wine Guides from The Traveling Vineyard are experts in the love of all things wine. As wine tasting in the home become more and more popular, they provided some recommendations on how to host a memorable wine tasting that will stun your guests. The Traveling Vineyard has grown to incredible success by offering its team of hosts, called Wine Guides, the ability to create their own home based business. Wine Guides arrange free, in home wine tastings for anyone who would like to host.

The Guides help each host prepared for the wine tasting and then during the event they take the lead in walking guests through the complete tasting process and facilitating an appreciation of some wonderful wines provided by The Traveling Vineyard.

At the close of the evening, the Wine Guide takes orders from guests that would like to purchase bottles of wine they enjoyed and from there The Traveling Vineyard. After an order is placed the Wine Guide simply shares the order with Traveling Vineyard’s Global Headquarters and they take care of the entire process.

If becoming a Wine Guide sounds like something you would be interested in, it is a simple process to get started. The Traveling Vineyard is growing rapidly and is always looking for highly motivated people to join their team. Wine Guides don’t need to have a wealth of prior experience or be an expert in wine. The Traveling Vineyard provides a full Sommelier Kit to learn everything about the wines provided and provide expert knowledge such as pairing recommendations.

Guiding Your Guests Through the Tasting

Wine Guides recommend serving wines from lightest to darkest. For each wine, encourage guests to start by discussing the color of the wine. Then, swirl each glass to open the aroma and sniff the wine deeply. Guests can then openly discuss their initial thoughts in an informal manner. Then, it’s time for the sip. Encourage guests to sip slowly and then again discuss their thoughts in an informal manner.Take a few minutes between each wine. Many of the best wines open up with an aftertaste that lasts over 30 seconds.

At the end of the evening, guests can compare notes and vote on their favorites. This is a great time to serve additional food and finish leftover wine. A wine tasting can be a unique experience that takes little to no work. With the help of a Wine Guide from The Traveling Vineyard you can just sit back, sip and savor and let them guide the tasting.

Oh so Fab! Fabletics!

The fashion market is a tough market to excel in, but that’s exactly what the Fabletics of Kate Hudson has been doing. They’ve grown a $ 250 million industry within three decades, becoming strong competitors of Amazon (who currently controls 20% of the online fashion market). How does she do it? Climbing to these heights in the ‘active-wear’ movement was done by utilizing a subscription service to offer clothing. Her angle is straightforward, brands are liked by clients which can be aspirational and that push the average person only a little, mix that with membership and convenience and you get a potent combination.


In the modern world of fashion and retail, other companies are lagging in sales because of showrooming. Not Fabletics. Unlike others, they started off with a model that allowed potential customers to view their products online (even encouraged the practice) and search for the lowest price before setting foot into any of their retail locations. Kate Hudson’s business model allows her to build relationships with her customers and study the market before any revenue is made. The result is a powerful handle on local markets and a staggering 30%-50% membership rate generating massive conversion and return customers. Brick and mortar stores are just another realm of service for Fabletics and this is great for lowering pressure and building trust when shopping in-store. Fabletics and Kate Hudson have revolutionized the fashion industry and the world of retail; for them, it’s all about the service.


Kate Hudson wants you to think about your own life with standards that are versatile; she gives you sexy layering choices. The colors are perfect for all occasions and the style is casual chic for just taking a break or grabbing coffee across the street. Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • I sign in between the first and the 5th of each month to renew my subscription or I have the option to skip a month (and risk missing out on the hottest rage this season, yikes!)
  • On the very first evening of any given calendar month, Fabletics sends outfits that are fresh to me.
  • Entire outfits start at $49.95 and include free delivery.
  • Fabletics offers great discounts on a lot of my purchases!
  • Every month, new outfits are recommended based on work preferences and my personality.
  • I just take a brief Lifestyle Quiz to help Fabletics get to understand me better. It’s great, try it out!

USHEALTH Advisors’ Insurance Programs Everyone Can Enjoy Today

People without insurance may suffer what a man who is plummeting into the depths of despair would. With this concern, people always consider taking the best insurance programs available for them, sometimes without regard to the cost and reputation.

This issue may not be a problem when it comes to acquiring insurance for firms with a BBB accreditation. One of the leading companies today with this reputation and certification is USHealth Insurance. With the USHEALTH Advisors BBB certifies, you can now make sure that the insurance programs you get will not cause you unnecessary hassle in the future.

USHEALTH Advisors, LLC has an A+ Accreditation from BBB, which makes it one of the leading BBB Accredited Businesses today that can help people get the licensed, certified and quality insurance available in the primary and demanding market these days.

USHEALTH Advisors Insurance

With the accreditation comes the quality assurance that the USHEALTH Advisors offers. In fact, many reviews consider the available health insurance from the company as the leading insurance program that can answer their retirement and health needs.

According to Crunchbase, what also makes USHealth Advicors, LLC one of the trusted companies today is their ability to express the meaning of their insurance policies in the simplest terms.

They can make the clients understand what the insurance programs offered. This factor is not something that most doctors offer today, as sometimes the explanation that comes with them is convoluted, complex and even too complicated for the clients to trust them. But not USHEALTH Advisors.

It almost seems like you can find no better place out there that can offer you the best insurance programs than what USHEALTH Advisors can give.

There’s also a lot of potential in working for USHEALTH Advisors. If you need a career that won’t lose your chance to spend time with your family and where your efforts get recompensated well, then being an advisor for the company would offer valuable opportunities for your career.

The competitive commissions that you will get from the company, including the residual income that comes with becoming part of the enterprise, will open you up to excellent earning opportunities.

Learn more about US Health Advisors: