Sawyer Howitt – Racquetball Player and Student

As a senior in his second semester, Sawyer Howitt is busier than ever but still finds time to indulge and excel in this special sport. Sawyer also enjoys occasional river fishing as well as watching his local team in action-the Portland Trail Blazers. In addition, Sawyer’s current skill level in racquetball offers him much future potential in the game should he pursue a professional career; he surpasses the average player by milestones.

In addition to outstanding athletic traits, this unique young man also possesses a key set of business and academic skills that are in demand. Sawyer Howitt understands branding like no other. He speaks finance with native fluency.

For example, Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) is one of the few young men who can keenly understand any businesses financial and operational necessities. He also explains resonance and consumer connections in a way that even the smallest child may simply understand; in fact, Mr. Howitt is uniquely skilled in explaining detailed, comprehensive terms or phrases in ways that are applicable and practical to any age, gender or culture.

Other Initiatives

Mr. Howitt has also taken it upon himself to fund and secure funding for numerous philanthropic endeavors. Education and women’s rights stand as the top two themes. He has volunteered repeatedly.

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Wen By Chaz Dean Tested By Emily McClure in Bustle

Wen by Chaz is a popular all-in-one hair care product aimed at the salon hair care market. Its designer is Chaz Dean. Dean is a man who has dedicated his life to women’s hair, its styling, and maintenance.

Chaz Dean has long been opposed to damaging detergents being used in women’s shampoos and has worked tirelessly in developing organic hair care products for women. His philosophy is now being accepted by scientists and doctors who are warning against the proliferation of harsh detergents being used on the human body and in the home.

Dean’s latest hair care product promises to do all things to a woman’s hair in one bottle. The product works as a shampoo, a conditioner, a de-tangler, and as a revitalizer for damaged hair.

Wen by Chaz seems to be the answer to women with beautiful hair, and a beauty blogger, Emily McClure, decided to use herself as the test subject for an extensive examination of Dean’s product.


She began her week-long project after a weekend out of town. She returned tired and bedraggled but took and showed photos of her hair before she began the treatment. Each day she photographed the affects of using Dean’s miracle shampoo and reported her results in a diary that were published by Bustle.

McClure has done a great examination of Wen Hair by Chaz Dean and has provided the photos to prove it. After her trial of using the product, McClure felt that it had improved the overall condition of her hair and she may in fact still be using the product. I think another report from McClure is in order. This type of personal reporting is having a major influence on advertising as we move deeper and deeper into this social media world we inhabit.

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