The Power of Lip Balm

There are a variety of products that people tend to use but rarely think about until the product is needed. One of these products is lip balm. At one time or another most people have an occasion when their lips are chapped, cracked, or rough. While there are several ways to help solve the problem, one of the ways that many people try to solve lip problems is by using lip balm.

A product that many people are familiar with, lip balm sometimes called lip salve is a wax like substance that people can apply to their lips to moisturize their lips. The lip balm product is used to solve general lip problems. Lip balm usually contains a wax ingredient such as beeswax or carnauba wax along with a variety of other ingredients such as lanolin, paraffin, petrolatum, and acetyl alcohol.

There are many different lip balm products available on the market; one of the most popular is EOS lip balm. The lip balm products offered by Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm Company come in a variety of flavors. In addition the products are offered in various product lines.

EOS lip balm products are packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, jojoba oil, and soothing shea butter. The lip balms are natural, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and paraben and petrolatum free. Evolution of Smooth lip balm has been on Walmart and Target supermarkets for many years.

Weather conditions along with a variety of other situations can result in lips that need help because the lips have become dry, chapped, or rough. Lip balm has the ability to add moisture to lips, which is a way of helping to solve lip problems related to dryness or chapping.

How To Simplify Your Party To Avoid Major Stress

Throwing a party can either be a thrilling experience or it can lead you down a spiral of stress and anxiety. With so many components involved, it’s easy to find yourself so overwhelmed with responsibilities that you feel completely exhausted by the time your guests arrive at your door.


However, throwing a successful party doesn’t have to be a stressful and terrifying task. We asked for some party-throwing tips from expert planners who know how to pull off a fabulous party without losing their cool.



  1. Get Organized Immediately


Even if you’re throwing a small dinner party for ten, it’s important to get organized right off the bat. Even the smallest parties require shopping lists, a guest count and several to-do lists regarding decor, cooking and schedules. Luckily, spreadsheet software is free and makes organizing a piece of cake.



  1. Skip the Multi-Course Menu


It’s understandable that you want to impress your guests with your cooking skills. However, between decorating, shopping and tidying up before the guests arrive, chances are that you simply won’t have time to pull off an incredible and extensive menu before your guests arrive.


Instead of serving a sit-down dinner, opt for appetizers that can be made the night before so that you can spend the day of your party focusing on things like decorating and cleaning.



  1. Let Guests Serve Themselves Drinks


When it comes to parties, there’s nothing like a drink to put guests in the festive mood. Instead of spending your evening making sure that your guests have a drink in hand at all times, set up a bar station in a corner of your home. Stock it with ice, drinking glasses and mixers so that your guests can help themselves.



  1. Hire a Professional


If the thought of throwing a party all on your own really terrifies you, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional event planner. Twenty Three Layers is a corporate event planning company located in New York City. This team of party planners work with events of all sizes from dinner parties for ten to corporate events with hundreds of guests.

Find them in NYC:

An In-Depth Look at Executive Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Expert, Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is an executive recruitment lead and talent acquisition leader at Deutsche Bank. She attended the City University of New Brooklyn College where she studies philosophy and later graduated with a law degree from the New York Law School. Since completing her college studies, Julie has had a successful career having worked for various organizations including Hudson, Citi, New York Life Insurance Company, and currently Deutsche Bank. Over the years, she has earned unmatched experience and knowledge in leadership, strategy, interviewing skills, employee training, succession planning, and applicant tracking systems, human resources, talent acquisition and conflict resolutions. Aside from her incredible career as a talent acquisition lead and executive recruiter, Julie spares sometimes for her hobbies. Her hobbies include arts, technology, running, and photography. She also spends a considerable portion of her free time in advocating for animal rights, civil rights, human rights, technology, science and economic issues.


Julie Zuckerberg began her career at Hudson after graduating from college. At Hudson, she served as the director of candidate placement. During her five-year tenure at the firm, she was responsible for recruiting attorneys, case managers, paralegals, and support staff for permanent and temporary positions with corporations, financial institutions, and law firms. Julie also served as the link between employees and clients in resolving workplace problems in compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, she also provided employees with information concerning promotions, benefits and working conditions. From time to time she counseled employees, resolved conflict as well as coaching the employees. After her tenure at Hudson, she left the company for Citi Global Consumer Bank. At Citi, she served as the executive recruiter from 2007 to 2011 before she was promoted to serve as vice president, executive recruiter, and NA professional. During her tenure at Citi, she was responsible for recruiting directors, advising senior business leaders on recruiting strategies, competitive markets, compensation trends and talent search. With her unprecedented experience, she helped the company in negotiating for complex job offers including claw backs, equity buyouts, relocation and immigration and deferred awards. The talented talent acquisition expert also sourced talents internationally as well as managing global relocation and expatriate issues.


In 2013, Julie left Citi for New York Life Insurance Company, where she served as hire recruiting lead and corporate vice president for two years. During her tenure, she partnered with management in analyzing client needs and providing creative business solutions, talent strategy planning, recruiting, offer development and execution. Julie also led the company in hiring of experienced roles in the agency’s national businesses. From April 2014, Julie has been working as the executive recruitment lead and talent acquisition expert at Deutsche Bank. At her current position, she leads development and negation of managing director level offer for US wealth and commercial clients, global technology & operations and asset management. Julie is also in charge of counseling leadership and executive committees about hiring and recruitment techniques that attract top talents from across the world. She also directs and coaches recruiting teams supporting director and below hiring within the front office and technology& operations. In all the positions she has held, Julie has always left unparalleled milestones that the firms boast. Julie Zuckerberg remains to be one of the most decorated talent acquisition and executive recruiter of all times.