Rocketship Education Responds to Recent Media Reports

The recent news report on Rocketship Schools by NPR continued to elicit different opinions from both supporters and critics of the tech-focused charter network.

The 3,800-word piece by Anya Kamenetz elicited different opinions from different quarters. While critics applauded the article for revealing some untold internal practices, Rocketship supporters termed it as shallow and that it lacked balance.

The original report terms charter school as a nationally recognized model schools with blended learning, yet it mainly centers on the problematic practices plaguing the school – which affect all charter schools across the country.

Rocketship author countered the critical report, asking, “To qualify as an in-depth coverage, don’t you think there has to be a comparison with other neighboring schools. That’s something that the piece left out.

Defending her piece on Twitter, Kamenetz took to common journalistic terms saying “We spoke on behalf of a satisfied parent and the discontented ex-parent.” But the piece is less forthcoming as to why they increase in popularity. Neither does it offer context on the shortcomings in the tech-centered charter network.

One controversial aspect that brewed a lot of fuss was the terming of Rocketship as a “company” – which is usually a reference to a profit-making, private organization. But Kamenetz said that she used the term to avoid repeating terms like Rocketship, charter network. Still, “the report could have been more sensible if neutral terms like “organization” were used.

It’s interesting how such an error would pass undetected by NPR’s editing team. Or perhaps it’s an attempt by the media house to take down the school rather than deliver unbiased straight journalism. No one knows, but it’s a matter that needs to be addressed.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship is a national non-profit, tech-centered, elementary charter schools that serve the less fortunate communities that have limited access to better education. Established in 2006, the school chain aims to eliminate achievement barriers by creating a sustainable and scalable education model.

Rocketship’s learning approach is based on three strong pillars: personalized learning, parent development, and parent power. By empowering parents, they can champion their child’s education, improve leader transparency and accountability and bolster quality education.