Oh so Fab! Fabletics!

The fashion market is a tough market to excel in, but that’s exactly what the Fabletics of Kate Hudson has been doing. They’ve grown a $ 250 million industry within three decades, becoming strong competitors of Amazon (who currently controls 20% of the online fashion market). How does she do it? Climbing to these heights in the ‘active-wear’ movement was done by utilizing a subscription service to offer clothing. Her angle is straightforward, brands are liked by clients which can be aspirational and that push the average person only a little, mix that with membership and convenience and you get a potent combination.


In the modern world of fashion and retail, other companies are lagging in sales because of showrooming. Not Fabletics. Unlike others, they started off with a model that allowed potential customers to view their products online (even encouraged the practice) and search for the lowest price before setting foot into any of their retail locations. Kate Hudson’s business model allows her to build relationships with her customers and study the market before any revenue is made. The result is a powerful handle on local markets and a staggering 30%-50% membership rate generating massive conversion and return customers. Brick and mortar stores are just another realm of service for Fabletics and this is great for lowering pressure and building trust when shopping in-store. Fabletics and Kate Hudson have revolutionized the fashion industry and the world of retail; for them, it’s all about the service.


Kate Hudson wants you to think about your own life with standards that are versatile; she gives you sexy layering choices. The colors are perfect for all occasions and the style is casual chic for just taking a break or grabbing coffee across the street. Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • I sign in between the first and the 5th of each month to renew my subscription or I have the option to skip a month (and risk missing out on the hottest rage this season, yikes!)
  • On the very first evening of any given calendar month, Fabletics sends outfits that are fresh to me.
  • Entire outfits start at $49.95 and include free delivery.
  • Fabletics offers great discounts on a lot of my purchases!
  • Every month, new outfits are recommended based on work preferences and my personality.
  • I just take a brief Lifestyle Quiz to help Fabletics get to understand me better. It’s great, try it out!