Celebrities And Their Meyers Briggs Personality Categories





  • INFP: Also known as mediators, people with INFP personalities tend to be idealists and are only represented by 4% of the population.  There are a ton of INFP famous people however, with plenty of notables that have likely done something you adore.


Examples: George R.R. Martin, Johnny Depp, Tim Burton



  • INTJ: Commonly referred to as architects, people with INTJ personalities form only 2% of the population and are imaginative, decisive, ambitious, and very private.


Examples of famous INTJ: Mark Zuckerberg, Russell Crowe, Jay-Z



  • ISTJ: The logisticians of the group, ISTJ personalities are practical, fact-conscious people who tend to be extremely predictable and reliable.


Examples: Robert De Niro movies, Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon



  • ISFJ: Also known as the defender, people with ISFJ personalities are dedicated people who protect the people they love with everything they have.


Examples: Anthony Hopkins, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian



  • INFJ: These advocates of the group tend to be quiet, mysterious, and inspiring.


Examples: Al Pacino, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch



  • ENFP: Also known as the campaigner, those with ENFP personalities are creative, sociable, and are the most likely to smile.


Examples: Ellen DeGeneres, Robin Williams, Daniel Radcliffe



  • INTP: As logicians, people with INTP personalities are calculated and innovative, always looking to learn more knowledge.