Norman Pattiz Proved the Importance of Podcast Advertising in a Recent Study

PodcastOne, a company that engages in podcast advertising, sought to know how customers responded to products and services before and after podcast advertising. The firm hired research services from a leading podcast researcher, Edison Research, who conducted the online survey in the second half of last year.

The study took 5 products and services from 5 different brands across different industries. The selection comprised of some brands that were well-known and some which were not. The first set of the study was carried out prior to the podcast and another after 4-6 weeks of running the podcast.

The Responses

Having been subjected to the same method of research, they all showed that podcast advertising positively influenced how customers related specific products to their brand. It also showed the positive role it played in making customers recall specific messages and intention to buy. A certain grocery item recorded an increase of more than 53 percent mentioning from the pre-study to the post-study.

In the unaided product awareness category, a financial service recorded an increase of 47 percent, a lawn and garden item increased by 24 percent, and an automobile aftermarket product by 37 percent. An automobile aftermarket product was mentioned to be very favorable by 18 percent of respondents in the pre-study and a third in the post study.

Those who would very likely consider using a lawn and garden product rose by 4 percent. Those who recalled a specific campaign message shot up by 76 percent for a casual dining restaurant and by 60 percent for an automobile aftermarket product. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

According to Norman Pattiz of PodcastOne, the research produced the intended results that cemented the fact that podcast advertising created much brand impact in comparison to other advertising approaches.

The results also stamped the multi-tier approach that combines advertising and measurement as adopted by the firm. Tom Webster, Edison Research’s VP noted that the company was excited to play a part in showing the effectiveness of podcast advertising.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz created Westwood One, which grew to be one of the most outstanding providers of news and entertainment. He then instituted Courtside Entertainment Group that worked as a programs producer and distributor. Seeking to fill a gap that he saw in the audio-on-demand sector, he launched PodcastOne in 2012.

Norman Pattiz serves on several boards, such as USA Broadcasting, Los Alamos National Security Laboratory, and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. As a broadcasting guru, Norman won the Library of American Broadcasting’s 2009 Giants of Broadcasting Award.