The Success of Securus technologies in Jail Phone Service Provision

Securus Technologies is one of the best jail phone providers worldwide with services such as Parole tracking, detainee communications, and government informational solutions. The company provides its services to over 2,200 rehabilitation facilities in the United States and Canada. It provides its services to all the 45 states in the United States. I recognize Securus Technologies as one of the best in the industry both in Canada and United States.

It is one of the companies that I see committed to providing superb services to us. It has introduced a system to control contraband cell phones and developed a Wireless Containment Solutions which is preventing contraband cell phones from connecting to mobile networks. I consider it the best provider of emergency response, investigation, biometric analysis, incident management, information management, public information, communication, inmate self-service, and investigations. The company also monitors products and services.

I have seen cases where the inmates try to come up with fake evidence by contacting the people involved through phone calls and advise them to tell lies. But through the services of Securus Company, we can use the information from their cell phones to solve the case. The information from the Securus Technologies can also be used to take appropriate correctional measures for each detainee. The cases of misconduct such as drug abuse and alcohol consumption within our prisons and corrections centers have also reduced due to recorded phone calls.

The covert alert future that is provided by the company can enable us to call for help whenever we are in danger. It also keeps information which later can be used in a court of law to convict the offender. The company also provides us with investigative tools that can be used to carry out investigations whenever there is a claim of harassment within the incarceration. The investigative tools are also used whenever there is a potential threat to the community.


Sawyer Howitt: Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams

For young entrepreneurs who have watched others turn their dreams into business success, they are eager to get started on the path to their own success. However, as is the case many times, some fail to realize success. However, for others like entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt, success was realized.

As a result, Sawyer Howitt is committed to helping others discover the satisfaction that comes with becoming a successful entrepreneur. By choosing to share his secrets to success as well as various other insights, Sawyer Howitt has helped numerous young entrepreneurs become successful.

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While many Entrepreneurs often wait for what they think will be the perfect time to start their business, Sawyer Howitt advises instead to simply get started as soon as possible. By doing so, just as he did, many budding entrepreneurs find that they can indeed run a business while still learning along the way. A great way to offer inspiration and inspire confidence, Sawyer is indeed responsible for countless success stories in today’s business world.

Of all his attributes, it is perhaps Sawyer Howitt’s ability to help others get and stay focused on their businesses that sets him apart from so many other successful entrepreneurs. Keenly aware of how the slightest distraction can sidetrack the greatest business idea, Sawyer devotes much of his time to helping young entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running. By helping them avoid what he refers to as the Shiny Object Syndrome, Sawyer knows success is just around the corner.

Committed to helping others achieve their dreams just as he did, Sawyer Howitt is indeed a person who does what it takes to help others succeed. By continuing to share his insight into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, there’s little doubt Sawyer will contribute to the success of many other entrepreneurs in the years ahead.

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Betsy DeVos Involvement in School Choice Initiative

There is one initiative that has all kinds of reactions. This initiative is called the school choice initiative. This initiative has been going for a long time. In the beginning stages, it has been considered radical when it has first started. However, the reasons behind it are understandable. The idea for school choice has started with the observation that not all communities are getting adequate education. Another issue that people have noticed is that in order to get children into better schools without moving to a new district, they are going to have to pay a little extra money to get that going. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

Fortunately, Betsy DeVos and a few others have made sure that there is an initiative in effect called government funded school choice. This allows parents to choose the types of schools that their children go to so that they will be able to get the highest quality of education that is possible. This will also help the children be aware of the extra programs that are available that they can take so that they can learn what they need to move forward with their lives. One thing that is important is that children are prepared for life after education.

One thing that has inspired Betsy DeVos to work on the initiative for school choice is that she had children that she was taking to school. She has made sure that her children were getting the best education possible. However, she has noticed that there are other parents trying to get their children to schools in safer communities. There was a huge sacrifice being made so that this could be possible for them. Therefore, she and her husband has decided to help them out with their children.

Betsy Devos has a lot of compassion for the children in her community. She ultimately wants to make sure that they are getting the education they need in order to build better communities. A lot of people are not given fair chances because of the circumstances they were born in. Therefore, they find themselves stuck in communities that are not best for their development.

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Duda Melzer Incorporates Family Ties in Business Suits

Duda Melzer is a Brazilian business leader with a passion for the family. His companies of RBS Group and e.Bricks Digital are evidence of his belief system based success. Duda often credits his family as being the reason he’s successful and exhibits this in every step of the way. RBS Group has been around for well over half a decade and continues to succeed. A child of RBS Group is e.Bricks Digital. This company was founded shortly after Duda Melzer took over as the CEO of RBS Group. While RBS Group works with news and radio media, e.Bricks Digital focuses on online venture capital funding.

The opportunity e.Bricks Digital provides is a funding opportunity to establish already successful Brazilian businesses online. The companies must apply for funding, and if the criteria are met, the company will offer to fund for an equity position or similar arrangement with the company. This opportunity has made e.Bricks Digital nearly as popular as Globo and Google in Brazilian online media. Such success wasn’t only dumb luck; it was a long track record of hard work and successes of Duda Melzer. Being a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic Univerisity of Rio do Sol and Harvard University, Duda was clearly set out for success.

After graduating college, he maintained contacts at Harvard and has taken continuing education courses at the University. He’s also worked in the US as a financial analyst and led BoxTop Media. These efforts have not only led him to his current roles as a CEO but also prepared him for the new venture capital business. While taking business seriously, he incorporates his family every step of the way and still makes time for his children and charity work. His other passion includes sports, of which racing is his favorite. It’s no surprise that Duda Melzer is among one of the most recognized and celebrated entrepreneurs in Latin America. His family ties and business acumen certainly make him a notable figure anywhere on the map.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny, the Individual behind Revolution of anti-aging drugs

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a former professor of oncology in the New York’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He studied cancer and aging. Mikhail obtained both his Ph.D. in experimental medicine and an M.D. in medicine from St. Peterburg’s First Pavlov State Medical University.

In 2002, Mikhail Blagosklonny became a higher-ranking scientist at Ordway Research Institute in Albany, New York. He retained this position until he became an oncology professor at the Roswell Park Institute of Cancer in 2009. Previously, he worked as an associate professor of medicine at the New York Medical College.

Mikhail’s focal point in research targets cancer therapies which shield other cells from possible damage. His works vary from molecular and cellular biology to clinical examination such as oncogenes and tumor restrainers, transduction of signal, apoptosis, mitosis, and cycle in a cell.

The anticancer therapy measure taken emphasizes on translating fundamental science to a new anticancer strategy that includes venturing into the exploitation and cycling of cells affected by cancer in addition to resistance drugs to ensure healthy cancer cells protected in the best environmental conditions selected in the body. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

Mikhail Blagosklonny has stretched out to reach and try other sophisticated but reliable approaches to diseases related to age and of course aging itself. The scientist tried and tested so many ways to make his long-time dream come to reality. In spite of previous setbacks here and there in his quest to provide sustainable drugs on anti-aging, Mikhail Blagosklonny was able to discover a drug called rapamycin which its use began in 2006.

Apart from researching and identifying anti-aging drugs, Mikhail Blagosklonny authored a theory of aging referred to as hyperfunction theory in addition to anti-cancer approaches referred to as chemotherapeutic engineering and cryotherapy in cells. This kind of works a supported the global understanding of cancer and age-related ailments to a whole new dimension.

Besides publishing close to 300 research articles, reviews and chapters of books, Mikhail is also the Founder and Chief Editor of Cell Cycle. He is the founding partner of Aging, Oncosceince, and Oncotarget. Also, he worked as an Associated Senior Editor for Cancer research on cell destruction and differentiation among many others.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is more famous for what he advocates about the usage of Rapamycin, the cancer drug he developed to help patients prolong their lives. He has done extensive research on the drug to an extent in which the drug was a first anti-aging drug assistant around the world. Mikhail developed hard work and persistence that saw him raise through various ranks to the highest level of appointment. He is consistently improving and diversifying his publications and reaching a wider range of readers than when he began. Visit to read more about Mikhail.

Roberto Santiago Provides Out of This World Shopping Experience

Roberto Santiago has made a very huge impact on the revenues for the shopping industry in Brazil. He has created a mall that has captivated millions of tourists and natives. The Manaira Mall is huge, and people in Brazil are fans of big things when it comes to shopping centers.

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The average mall is typically a place where people will go to buy clothes. There may be a couple of shoe stores here and there and a modest food court in the average mall in America. Roberto Santiago did not want to do what was considered average. He did not even want to be in a place where he had a mall that was just a little better than average. What Roberto Santiago wanted to do was create a model experience that was unlike anything else that people had ever seen. He wanted to create a mall experience that people would talk about even as they left Brazil and went back home to their native lands. This is definitely what he has done with one of the largest malls in the world. He has created a mall environment that caters to a wide range of consumers that are looking for a variety of things to do.

It is a mall that has everything from banquet rooms to workout rooms. It has become the mall that people go to hangout in when they want to go to the Space Lounge. It has also become the mall that natives take to when they want to watch movies that have come to the theater.

It is even a mall that tourists and natives check out when they are interested in going to a bowling alley. It is one of those all-inclusive type of model environments that caters to a wide range of needs. People are excited about all of the possibilities that exist with this Manaira Mall, and Roberto Santiago has profited greatly as an entrepreneur that helped bring this into existence. He is known for a lot of investments in Brazil, but it is clear that people are going to know him best for this massive mall that he created. There are a plethora of stores that can take care of a wide range of shopping needs. People that are looking for clothes and shoes will obviously not have any issues when they are shopping at this mall. There are also several stores that sell eyewear, technology and toys. These are things that people may be looking for in addition to the bevy of clothing items that they may seek. There’s also a sizable food court for people that aren’t trying to sit down and relax with a meal after they have been shopping. Read more articles on

Most of the people that have had an opportunity to come to this mall will definitely say that Roberto Santiago has gotten all bases covered. He has not left out anything when it comes to enjoyment and shopping needs. It is the biggest attraction for shopping in Brazil.

Securus Technologies Caught a Corrupt Staff Member

We consider our jail to be one of the safest in the country, and when there is trouble in the jail we work tirelessly to uncover the source of the problem. We had a real problem on our hands this time and we were unable to uncover what was the source. Our inmates were coming into drugs that we knew were impossible to get into the facility without outside help. Drugs in the jail make it a very dangerous situation for all. If an inmate is high on something like heroin, they become superhuman and now it takes several officers to contain him when in the past it would take one.


The first thing that we did was to step up our security at the visitor center, to see if a visitor was bringing the drugs into the jail. Despite a huge police presence and the threat of jail time to anyone caught bringing drugs to jail, we could not find the source of the problem. We ran each visitor through the x-ray machines and also gave them full body searches, but something was not right. We decided to lighten up our efforts to give the source the appearance we had moved on, but we had a secret weapon at our disposal.


Securus Technologies recently installed a new inmate call monitoring system that we were going to be trained on and use as quickly as possible. This company has call systems in over 2,600 jails and the staff of 1,000 are dedicated to helping make the world a safer place for us all to live. My team of three officers were very tight, so we took turns monitoring the system that first day.


After listening to calls for days, the system picked up on chatter from a gang member in the jail talking about how his family should enter the visitor center. The visitors do not need any help getting into the jail, we make it clear each day how and where they are to travel. When these inmates were giving specific instructions about seeing a certain officer, we had our lead. This was strange to say the least, so we monitored that family and discovered that a corrupt staff member was the ultimate source of all the problems with prescriptions drugs getting into the jail. The officer was removed from his position and the jail was instantly that much safer.


Norman Pattiz Proved the Importance of Podcast Advertising in a Recent Study

PodcastOne, a company that engages in podcast advertising, sought to know how customers responded to products and services before and after podcast advertising. The firm hired research services from a leading podcast researcher, Edison Research, who conducted the online survey in the second half of last year.

The study took 5 products and services from 5 different brands across different industries. The selection comprised of some brands that were well-known and some which were not. The first set of the study was carried out prior to the podcast and another after 4-6 weeks of running the podcast.

The Responses

Having been subjected to the same method of research, they all showed that podcast advertising positively influenced how customers related specific products to their brand. It also showed the positive role it played in making customers recall specific messages and intention to buy. A certain grocery item recorded an increase of more than 53 percent mentioning from the pre-study to the post-study.

In the unaided product awareness category, a financial service recorded an increase of 47 percent, a lawn and garden item increased by 24 percent, and an automobile aftermarket product by 37 percent. An automobile aftermarket product was mentioned to be very favorable by 18 percent of respondents in the pre-study and a third in the post study.

Those who would very likely consider using a lawn and garden product rose by 4 percent. Those who recalled a specific campaign message shot up by 76 percent for a casual dining restaurant and by 60 percent for an automobile aftermarket product. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

According to Norman Pattiz of PodcastOne, the research produced the intended results that cemented the fact that podcast advertising created much brand impact in comparison to other advertising approaches.

The results also stamped the multi-tier approach that combines advertising and measurement as adopted by the firm. Tom Webster, Edison Research’s VP noted that the company was excited to play a part in showing the effectiveness of podcast advertising.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz created Westwood One, which grew to be one of the most outstanding providers of news and entertainment. He then instituted Courtside Entertainment Group that worked as a programs producer and distributor. Seeking to fill a gap that he saw in the audio-on-demand sector, he launched PodcastOne in 2012.

Norman Pattiz serves on several boards, such as USA Broadcasting, Los Alamos National Security Laboratory, and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. As a broadcasting guru, Norman won the Library of American Broadcasting’s 2009 Giants of Broadcasting Award.

George Soros and His Investment and Philanthropic Ventures

George Soros, the renowned hedge fund manager cum billionaire and philanthropist, is known for his endless fights and activism around the world that put forward the concept called “open societies.” In many ways, he is considered to be a role model for people with his humanitarian works and as a self-made billionaire with no dirty or lobbied business. Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management LLC with a net fortune of $25.2 Billion, and interestingly, he made charitable contributions worth $13 billion in the last three decades. Soros is anxious about the divisive policies various political leaders and, he opposes it in full fledge. This is the reason, he opposed President Donald Trump in 2016 Presidential election, and Soros also feels that many of the policies by Trump are unclear or not addressing the reality.

Soros born in the family of a non-practicing Jews in Hungary in 1930 and escaped the Holocaust during the Second World War. After the war, he and his family moved to England and continued his education by enrolling at London School of Economics. During the period, George Soros got the chance to read the books of Viennese philosopher Karl Popper, and through the works, he came to know about the concept of open societies. The concept has played a significant role in his activism and fights in the later part of his life, and Soros considers Popper as his “spiritual mentor.” An open society is framed on the concept of the welfare of all humankind, and it put forwards universal principles. Read this story about George at

The open societies are progressive and looking for nation or culture interests over the self-interest – contrary to closed societies. It also gives freedom to criticize the institutions and correct it through discussions, protests, action plans, etc. After completing the graduation, Soros started working with London-based brokerage firm called Singer and Friedlander. Later, he moved to New York and began working as a stock broker at the Wall Street. Soros also worked as an investment manager at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Inc., an investment bank. In the year 1969, he established Double Eagle Fund for the investment bank Bleichroeder with a capital of $4 million.

After four years, Soros set up his own hedge fund called Soros Fund Management. He made the firm grew exponentially in the market, and its value grew more than $1 billion by the year 1985. From 1979, Soros started focusing on his philanthropic activities and contributions and founded many open society foundations around the world based on the concepts of Popper. While his wealth surged over the years, his contributions too got a steep increase, and by the year 1993, Soros started spending at least $300 million a year for various philanthropic activities. Today, his open society foundations have the presence in at least 70 countries around the world. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Ms. Lori Senecal – A Talented Global CEO With A Difference

In an article on The Drum, Ms. Lori Senecal is the Chief Executive Officer for CP+B. She does the management of the company’s nine foreign offices and concentrates on the worldwide development. Ms. Lori has made a significant effect on the culture and business of CP+B. She provides a great market talent. Ms. Lori usually focuses on talent and has charged the agency with tremendous growth in various areas.

Ms.Lori has also been a CEO and President of the MDC Partner Network. She has played a pivotal role in being a driving force of a critical view. She was the chairman of Kbs+. Kbs+ developed from 250 personnel to more than 900 people all over the world.

Ms. Lori was also the president of the office in New York of McCann Workgroup. Ms. Lori Senecal assumed the role of a CEO of MDC Partners agency in the year March 2015. She was also a president of MDC Partners network.

Ms. Lori Senecal is the best individual to assist CP+B to become new that is a global agency which is highly flexible for a business startup. Ms. Lori is a great friend and partner. Her leadership is highly efficient and reliable.

Ms. Senecal mentioned that we could share extensive resources in all the offices in every area to bring about great innovative talent to your client partners. Ms. Lori has made a significant effect on the business and culture of CP+B and creates a new global agency that is highly creative and active. She also recently spoke at 3% conference.

Ms. Lori’s strong leadership has a large focus on the talent and growth across various arenas. Ms. Lori has also been the President and Chief Executive Officer of the MDC Partner Network. She encourages collaboration across the network.

According to Salary, Ms. Lori Senecal wants to be the Chief Executive Officer and partner at Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. Ms. Senecal reaped about $1883628 in full compensation. Approximately $1000,000 was earned as salary, and around $750,000 she got has the bonus, and around $133,628 came from compensation. Ms. Lori does active management of the ten international offices of the company and focuses on persistent development across the world. She has made a significant effect on the culture and business.

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